A seasoned mediator who knows how to satisfactorily resolve disputes

Vic Buchanon is an accomplished mediator with 10+ years of experience in successfully resolving disputes and conflicts. He has successfully resolved court-assigned disputes among families, workplaces, neighbors, and home-associations, making concierge-level legal services a go-to option.


Vic’s attentive listening and motivational speaking makes Alternative Dispute Resolution feel like a therapy. His skilled mediation makes a mutually acceptable out-of-court settlement quick and reliable, thus reducing the burden on the legal system.

Why Choose Us?

Vic Buchanon Is An Accomplished Mediator With 10+ Years Of Experience In Successfully Resolving Disputes And Conflicts. He Has Successfully Resolved.

Platform for Settlement

We offer a common ground for a out-of-court settlement, so parties never go back to the court with the same grievance.

Quick & Reliable Resolution

When Working With Us, Parties Can Stay Assured Of A Timely And Effective Dispute Resolution.

Attention To Details

For any successful resolution it's the minute details that matter. That’s precisely why we carry an in-depth analysis, find the core of the problem, and come up with innovative solutions.

Fair Dispute Resolution

For us a fair resolution matters more than anything else, the reason why we strictly adhere to neutrality and lawfulness.

We are experts at dispute resolution and conflict management

At Vic Buchanon Mediation Services, we seek to de-stress the judiciary by providing an effective and reliable Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Arbitration Services

We are dedicated to keeping arbitration a sound legal option by resolving disputes in a fair and just manner.

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Mediation Services

We help the parties find a common ground and enter mutually agreeable resolutions.

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Mediation training

Our mediation training allows you to resolve disputes promptly and effectively without a mediator.

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Conflict Management Consulting

We offer improved negotiation capabilities and risk management skills, to help mitigate conflicts.

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Conflict Resolution workshops

We offer immersive training programs enabling participants to master conflict resolution techniques.

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A mediator you can trust

When you work with Vic Buchanon, you will get an effective and permanent settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution? We have them all answered here.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a part of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), wherein disputes/conflicts are resolved out of the court. It involves a step-by-step interactive process in which a neutral mediator uses specialized communication skills to help conflicting parties resolve their dispute through negotiations. 

What does a mediator do?

Unlike in arbitration, a mediator does not make decisions for the parties, pass opinions on the merits of a case, or determine what is “right” or “fair.” Instead, a mediator tries to bridge the opposing interests of the parties involved and attempts to facilitate a negotiated settlement between them.
A mediator also guides and moderates the negotiations so as to avoid any confrontation between the conflicting parties.

How long does mediation take?
A mediation session usually lasts between four to five hours. So the parties taking part in the mediation process should be prepared to spend at least that much time. However, if the dispute isn’t resolved within the said time, the parties may have to schedule another mediation session to carry forward the negotiation. Apart from that, the mediator would prepare an agreement after the parties reach a settlement, which takes additional time.
Who Should Consider Mediation?
Mediation is an excellent option for such parties who want swift, efficient, and fair dispute resolution while also participating in and controlling the outcome of the settlement process. Litigations are costly, time-consuming, and often open to the public. On the contrary, mediation offers the parties a private forum to resolve their disputes.
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