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A Seasoned Mediator Trusted by Families in Texas for 10+ Years

Vic began his career in mediation and arbitration nearly 10 years ago with a commitment to make concierge-level legal services accessible and reliable. He realized early on how minor claims and disputes burdens our judicial system, and sought to change it.

As a renewed family mediator, Vic has helped resolve claims and disputes pertaining to divorce, child custody, property, etc., successfully and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties.

Vic’s expertise in making settlements quick and effective, ensures that the parties move on peacefully. He has settled complex disputes, convincing the parties to negotiate and resolve issues outside of the court within days, thus saving the court’s time and reducing stress on the legal system.

Vic is an Excellent Listener & a Reliable Partner

Vic keeps the entire alternative dispute resolution process private and confidential. His active listening and motivational counseling makes the parties comfortable enough to open up, making the entire process feel like a therapy.


Vic firmly believes that anyone can resolve disputes and conflicts through dialogue and negotiation. Driven by this belief, he also organizes conflict resolution training programs and workshops to empower young people with the skill-set and capabilities required to succeed in this industry

Our Values

We passionately believe in making Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) accessible, fair, and just to all

Accessible ADR

ADR is still not accessible to many whose personal lives are affected on a daily basis. We seek to change that by taking up the most pro-bono disputes.

Trusted Partners

We believe that fairness is a prerequisite to keep ADR effective and relevant, the reason why we adhere to the highest standards of neutrality.

Just Settlement

A just outcome is key to our settlement process, and to that end we strive to achieve the perfect balance between legal norms and moral values.
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